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stationery and brand designer liz theal

The designer behind the desktop here at Liz Theal Designs (LTD). As a self-proclaimed extroverted introvert, I love people, I love sharing stories, and I love conveying those stories through design. Some of my other loves are singing, my family, and food. If I'm not designing, I'm usually listening to music or eating (fish tacos are my love language). 


Speaking of music, for as long as I can remember, music has been part of my life, whether through singing at church, dancing ballet as a child, playing an instrument, or just finding the right soundtrack to have on while going about my day. Over the years as an event planner and designer, I have found that music and design really are naturally connected - they are both forms of calculated expression. While musicians use tempo and pitch to set a mood or create a style, designers use color, layout, and typography. Just like the right chord progression can evoke different emotions, I believe that the perfect design flourishes can have their own emotional impact as well. Pretty cool, right? My goal here at LTD is to marry these elements to compose beautiful and thoughtful designs that are true and unique to each and every personality.

Hi, I'm Liz!

"Liz did such a beautiful job with all of our paper goods. Her designs were unique and unlike anything I had ever seen at a wedding before and she was so easy to work with. I cannot recommend her services enough!"
- Michelle
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